It is the job of rescue organizations to step in and help families who have given up their sick dog

Days before Christmas, we got an email from a veterinary facility informing us that one of our pets had died.

We couldn’t keep up with this canine, who was known to take on pricey, meticulous cases and our spaces for every single uncommon demand.

This cute puppy was taken to a veterinary facility because he had vomited all of his food.

When our caregiver Kristi ran a battery of tests, she concluded that until a treatment could be performed on Barny, the dog, she’d have to provide him with exciting and careful care so that he could accept any sort of food.

By the request of his owners, Puppy was taken in by a shelter. For the next four days, he will be cared for by the facility’s amazing staff.

In response to Kirsti’s request, she went ahead and took care of him. She has reared two cats with the same illness and is an expert in the matter.

Barny was not to be left alone, and he had to be fed and watered regularly. Ten minutes after eating, he has to be kept upright in order to digest.

This dog’s health and happiness depend on it.

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