It is a shelter dog’s job to raise a puppy with an unique ailment, and she ends up becoming his mother

A rescue organization was provided the information they needed about pups.To rescue the puppies, they rushed out and brought the pups food and water.

The rescuer was able to touch one of the pups, while the other one stayed inside.

A shelter was set up for them. Two canines went under the names of Jikky and Luna. They didn’t waste any time and rushed him to the vet for an examination.

Diagnosed with a rare condition: Within a few days of the treatment, Luna was able to eat normally again.

Jikky’s sister is pleased when she returns from the clinic.

Fortunately, a loving family chose to adopt Jikky after viewing her pictures on the shelter’s website. A caring family has taken care of her since she was taken in by them. At the refuge, Luna stayed put.

Because they were feeding her while she was standing, she felt a little uncomfortable. Luna has a dog called Minnie who is usually at her side and takes care of her. They immediately hit it off.

Luna’s return to normality was aided by Minnie’s constant presence. I’m crossing my fingers that Luna is given another opportunity to find a home and does well at the shelter.

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