It has been determined that these mischievous animals are the UK’s naughtiest pets

Most dangerous pets in America have been unearthed, according to a new report.

There are a handful of dogs and cats that have been voted the naughtiest in the United Kingdom. Laya, a one-year-old terrier, was given the top spot.

Over 150 passages were whittled down to a small list by the organizers of the rankings (protection providers).

However, a few dogs stood out for their brassy personalities.

Laya’s sleazy antics pushed her to the head of the pack, as she’s recently eaten pads, duvets, and more than 20 pairs of shoes to the bone.

Although the mixed breed from Haverfordwest came out on top, there were plenty of other cunning canines to contend with.

When Evie’s family’s football target net was easily gnawed through, she was ready for set 2.

Basically, Dasy the chocolate dog appeared in three different situations for her kitchen-hunting pranks.

A scumbag greyhound from Bournemouth showed up at number four and proceeded to destroy the cherry on top of his new sheet material bed.

Short-sighted Dachshund got the 5th rank after constructing a cushion-based climbing bed for herself.

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