It had taken her 50 years as a circus elephant to find her siblings

This touching video of a rescued elephant being reunited with her family will have you in tears of joy. For more than half a century, the circus has needed three elephants to perform in front of a crowd.

Finally, the ordeal came to an end, and the magnificent being was rescued.

Despite this, two of them were transferred to the reserves, while the third stayed in the regular lineup.

It is because to the rescuers that the three survivors now have the opportunity to begin a new chapter in their lives. However, preserving them was not an easy task.

The three «sisters» were brought to the shelter by a volunteer who worked tirelessly for months. Rahea had to leave the sanctuary since she didn’t know when she’d see Maya and Sata again.

After months apart, Rahea was reunited with her buddies thanks to the work of animal rights activists. As far as friendships go, this one between the elephants, ages 44 to 50, is the most authentic.

For six days, Rahea had to trek 3,000 kilometers to see her «sisters» again, and their reunion was too moving.

These three women may now have a happy and free life, thanks to them.

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