Is donkey milk the secret to eternal life?

In the past, jackass milk was touted as a cure for a broad variety of ailments and an adversary of ageing skin tonic.

As Pope (otherwise regarded as a decisive ecclesiastical pathfinder) discovered he was given it as a youngster as an augmentation to his mother’s milk, its fame will undoubtedly rise.

Hippocrates was the first to use asses’ milk as a therapeutic tonic to treat liver disorders, fevers, inflammation, joint pain, and even nasal drains.

Those plainly hindered Romans eventually added «blockage» to the list as well.

In addition, it is the closest milk to human breast milk in terms of lactose and fat content.

It’s also a good source of nutrients and antibacterial agents, according to recent studies, which say it’s many times more active than cow’s milk.

On top of that, it’s an adversary of cosmetics that contain allergens.

In spite of this, it’s not cheap like other miracle products in the health and beauty category. The price of a single bar of jackass milk cleanser is around £8.

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