Instead of bringing the puppy home from the shelter, they abandoned it on the bus

There is a widespread lack of understanding of what it means to take responsibility. This adorable dog was supposed to be taken from the shelter, but its owners changed their minds and left it there.

The concept of responsibility is not well understood by many people throughout the world.

They took the beautiful puppy with them on the bus, expecting to pick it up at the shelter, but then decided against it.

The staff at the shelter had spent the whole day scouring the area in vain.

A bus driver let him off, but he caught the next one and rode for the rest of the day.

Ordinary citizens and nonprofits began looking for him while he was out enjoying his amazing experience, but it wasn’t until after dark that they found him and took him back to the same shelter.

The people who now care for him want to keep him there until they find a new, permanent home for him with responsible dog owners.

This dog is adorable, mild-mannered, and kid-friendly. Hopefully, a kind family will take in this adorable puppy soon.I wish people would start treating animals with more respect.

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