In your perspective, has the boy been located?

In Florida, Mike’s disappearance has left a lasting impression on his family. It was comforting to know that his dogs would always have his back.

Medically shy Mike disappeared while wearing a cotton diaper.

The baby’s inability to communicate with them has created additional stress for his family as they try to find a way to get back together with him.

Thank goodness he and the family’s beloved dog, Nala, had both left the premises.

The location of the missing toddler was rapidly narrowed down by concerned neighbors.

They spread out and investigated the area thoroughly.

During this time, the sheriff’s office kept their Facebook status regarding the investigation updated in the hopes of tracking down Mike.

The child was discovered by the family’s next-door neighbor Carol Shelton, who lives approximately a mile away.

Carol’s discovery of the youngster and the captain’s subsequent return of the boy to his mother were much appreciated by the Sheriff’s Office.

Having Mike back at home was a huge relief for everyone. His whole family tree consisted of dog-proud individuals much like him.

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