In the woods, a dog finds an egg and won’t leave it until it hatches

Errica and her adorable dog Stela were out on a walk on her 240-acre Maine home when Errica saw that Stela was occupying her time with something that didn’t seem to be a toy.

The woman rushed to check and was taken aback to see that Stella was holding an egg.

After Errica had abandoned the egg in the hatchery, she stayed away for another 25 days.

She did her best with him, and on the morning of his birthday he finally began to incubate.

Stella patiently waited by her side as the young turkey struggled to break out of the shell.

She was overjoyed with the egg she had discovered and felt compelled to help her mother introduce her to the world.

Despite the fact that Stela is deeply in love with her turkey friend, the two have spent much of their time apart just studying one another.

There’s little doubt that Erica had no idea what may happen when Stella discovered the hidden egg, but the consequences have left everyone quite satisfied.

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