In the last several weeks, her rescue dog has given birth to a litter of pups

Anyone in the area of danger who saw Elisa was immediately frightened. She’d just found out she was pregnant.

The rescuers had no idea she was going to give birth to six puppies, but they put her in a nurturing environment as soon as they could.

The birth of so many puppies by Elisa at the beginning of the month astonished many people.

As everyone expected, Elisa produced double the number of puppies.

When Elisa found out she was pregnant, she jumped right into parent mode and focused her attention solely on raising her new family members.

In order to feed all of the puppies at once without a delay, some of them have had to be packed and cared for by the heroes.

The dogs are happy and healthy, therefore it doesn’t matter how difficult it is for them.

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