In Southern California, a stray dog in need of food gets taken in by cafés that also serve ferrets

In the city’s most prestigious restaurants, the once-dog has been sighted jumping. Ivy Diep acquired Popeye in 2014 after discovering him wandering the streets as a stray.

His mother raised him as her own. Diep was forced to give up the dog because of his declining health.

Almost immediately, her spouse and the rest of the dogs in the household fell in love with Popeye.

In one instance, she took Popeye along on a date with an Instagram acquaintance.

These folks’ Instagram profiles are constantly updated with photos of the latest restaurants to open in their local areas.

In the course of dining, she discovered that Popeye is an excellent friend.

When he’s near food, he’s courteous and even willing to pose for a picture.

This inspired her to launch a blog called Popeye The Culinary Dog in which she documented her dog’s gastronomic adventures in and around Los Angeles.

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