In order to prevent the owner from leaving the country, her separation-anxious dog ate her passport

Fort Collins resident Amanda Avila, 47, adopted Dillon, a puppy, during the quarantine period when she began working from home and therefore was able to bring the dog inside.

The dog soon became terribly aware of her absence after being used to her constant presence.

Dillon had other plans for Amanda and her new husband Rudy’s October honeymoon than traveling on the excursion they had planned.

In the month of June, I took a nearly two-week trip to the Big Apple. Dillon was devastated afterward. But in August, while I was flying to Iceland, he just lost it,» Amanda said to Metro.

Amanda’s passport, sunglasses, and favorite shoes were all destroyed by her naughty puppy a few days before she was to leave.

With this demonstration, Dillon laid bare his compatibility with the owner’s travels.

After finishing my morning coffee, I made my way upstairs to the bedroom, where I saw a ripped passport on the floor. It was in the back of my bag, and I have no idea how Dillon got it. It all came back to Amanda, she says.

Amanda needed to have a new passport issued immediately, so she hurried there.

The passport is still not ready for use at this time. As a result, the lady has no idea whether her honeymoon will happen or not.

But she has faith that everything will work out in the end. Also, after she returns, she’ll go back to educating Dillon, whose poor conduct may be traced to separation anxiety.

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