In order to introduce herself, Alba has come to see you. They are the rarest and most distinctive monkeys on the globe, with albino white coats and blue eyes

Alba, the world’s biggest and first albino orangutan, was discovered on Borneo Island.

The monkey was taken away from those who held her in custody for more than a year without providing her with adequate care.

She had been in a terrible state. A lack of food and water is common among albinos. Besides that, the female’s peripheral eyesight and auditory perception were also compromised.

An orangutan’s health was restored by the Kalimantan Orangutan Survival Foundation after a year of work.

As a result, the animal recovered so well that she was returned to her original home, the Padang Baka Batu Raya National Park.

In order to help Alba thrive in the open, volunteers at the facility made every effort to replicate the natural environment as closely as possible.

There was no intervention from the personnel, who let the female to her own devices among the woods, searching for food and building nests.

The orangutan and an albino ape were returned to the wild at the end of december 2017 together.Alba’s safety is not at jeopardy in the park. Poaching is rare, although patrols keep an eye out for it.

The beginning of 2020 saw the safe return of a long-extinct female gorilla. This shows that she has been able to adjust to the conditions of her original habitat.

If the girl had the opportunity to build a relationship with another person, it is unknown.

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