In order to help a friend who is afraid of the oceans currents, a dog bravely goes into the sea

For Gala, a day at the beach is a wonderful way to relax. She enjoys making holes for herself in the sand, resting with an umbrella over her head, and burying herself in the sand.

Still, how about a refreshing dip in the sea?

Luckily, she need not feel left out of water games of grab since her friend Moana would gladly assist her get the stick from the water and return it to her afterward.

Erikson often takes Gala to the puppy beach in the Ohio area. Gala despises swimming. The cautious dog took a long time to feel safe enough to wade in up to her legs.

Erikson says of the dog, «She is not an easy going dog,» but that «she has gone a long way» to sit thus far out in the ocean.

You explain that she is no longer afraid of the ocean, but that she still won’t swim until you force her to.

She has made great strides, but she has a long way to go still.

«Our mental and physical states have greatly improved since we first met. More than that, she is the reason why we have such wonderful friends.

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