In order to go down the stairs, the rescue dog needed her brother’s help

Bonnie is a charming rescued dog that has overcome many challenges in her daily life, yet you would never know it from looking at her since she always seems so happy.

Mother dog Victoria anticipated Bonnie’s eventual task to tackle at her own pace and hence never pushed her to do anything she didn’t felt ready for.

A while ago, Bonnie’s parents decided to adopt her from the Rescue Center.

The dog was first incredibly unlucky, but she eventually learned to recognize the steps necessary to get to the beginner level.

By the time Bonnie arrived at her final destination, she had already been through a lot, from a safe haven in China to an exchange to England.

Now that things have settled down, he looks forward to his brother’s company every day.

According to Victoria, Wookie was really insistent with her at first.

Perhaps she realized she needed moral support and was able to provide it to him.

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