In honor of Cinnamon’s distinctively folded ears, she was given the name

Jean was made aware of the predicament of the stray puppies by a kind neighbor of hers. It was in a remote area of Georgia when the pups were discovered.

The volunteer expected to notice nothing out of the ordinary since she assumed that all of the pups were adorable. The child was awed by the large, pointed ears of the pups.

Large pointed ears were seen in all animals. Cinnamon is the only exception. Because they were curled inward, the baby’s ears looked like cinnamon buns.

In her life, Jean had never come across a dog like this one. One of the girls comments that she thinks the little girl is really cute.

Cinnamon’s odd appearance drew the attention of tens of thousands of people when two volunteers uploaded a picture of the puppy on Facebook.

Even her hair has been likened to a 1940s-styled hairdo because of her ears.

To help find the owners of the pups, Cinnamon’s distinctive look helped draw a lot of attention.Their whereabouts remain a mystery.

This puppy’s mother was nowhere to be seen when Jean went to pick them up on the street.

Volunteers speculated that the infants fled from their careless parents. It was obvious that they had been living in filth for some time because of their appearance and the vermin that they carried.

The five-week-old infants seemed to have been abandoned by their parents. Jean immediately brought the animals to the veterinarian for treatment. Soon, the babies will be ready to meet their new families!

The pups are already bursting with vitality and vigor. Cinnamon, on the other hand, seems to be well aware of her uniqueness and beauty, as seen by her star-like behavior.

However, she was able to find a home because of her peculiarities and outlandish look.

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