In his house, the man keeps a mysterious creature that acts like a cat and begs to be petted

Joey Henney, 65, finally chose to get a pet after suffering from chronic loneliness.

The man, however, did not bring home a canine, but rather an alligator. This prehistoric pet acts much as any other cat would in the video, coming near for pets and demanding attention at all times.

Some years ago, Joey’s alligator friend Wally paid a visit. As a small pup, he was plucked from a Florida kennel and brought to safety. The alligator swiftly adapted to its new environment and no longer looks like its wild relatives.

That’s what it comes down to; caring. When Wally was a child, he was often frightened. I had to reassure him on several occasions.

Henney told the media that the alligator now treats humans like true pets because it links them with safety and tasty food.

The guy is unable to recognize that the alligator’s size poses a threat. Now 1.37 meters tall, Wally can eventually stretch to 4 meters.

Even while Wally now lives inside the home, he will be compelled to go to the backyard once his size becomes a factor.

Joey usually manages to cause a commotion whenever he walks around town with Wally in tow. Still, you don’t see an alligator every day.

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