In comparison to other frogs, rain frogs are the most vocal about their dissatisfaction

Initial thoughts may center on determining the source of the animals’ distress. I am encouraged by the sight of these amphibians.

Those black rain frogs may seem intimidating, but there isn’t much more to them than meets the eye. This species of frog is found along the coasts of the southeastern United States.

The six-inch-deep tube system that serves as their home is all they have.Despite its little appearance, the African rain frog is really one of the biggest frogs in the world, with a potential maximum size of two inches.

Frogs of this species are mostly nocturnal and like to live in damp, dark places like caves and woodland margins. This allows them to potentially thrive even in dry, landlocked regions far from any source of water.

Female rain frogs generate a sticky substance during mating season that males might employ to keep from embarrassingly falling to the ground.

Sticky amplexus is another term for this problem. This image depicts a female rain frog desperately clinging to a male.

The price of allegiance in modern society, I guess. When the female frog has laid her eggs, the male will stay in the cave to guard the young.

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