In an attempt to aid in their search for new homes, an 11-year-old kid bathes a pack of stray dogs on Saturdays

An 11-year-old in Brazil, Eduardo, came up with the idea for ‘I’m Stray But I Clean,’which he uses to help find new homes for stray dogs.

He bathes and grooms stray animals on Saturdays, and then dresses them up with ties, collars, and embroidered handkerchiefs.

It’s more likely that strays that are clean and well-groomed will be adopted when the public is made aware of the possibility. The boy’s father, Tate, lends a hand.

The animals’ chances of finding a long-term home rise because he shoots high-quality photos. In 2021, he initially had the thought.

He intended to buy and clean street dogs in order to draw attention to their plight.Eduardo told the media that 48 dogs had already finished his son’s mission.

Local pet retailers regularly provide him with free washes and snacks after learning about the kid.

Using Instagram, Eduardo publishes pictures of his two pets. He went on to say that he doesn’t eat meat because he has compassion for animals.

Many people might learn from this kind young guy, who is a modern-day hero.

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