Ili Pika describes these «beautiful magic bunnies,» as they are often called

It’s conceivable that you’ve never heard of these rabbit-like creatures. These bear-like creatures have eluded scientists for years.

In 1983, the Ili Pika housed a well-known Chinese environmentalist named Li Weidong. This species is also known as the Ili Pika because of its origins in the Ili area.

At elevations ranging from 2,800 to 4,001 feet, this awe-inspiring species builds its homes in holes. It doesn’t matter how little these creatures are; they’re no match for the freezing weather.

Tian Shan Mountain residents eat nothing except plants. Since its discovery, the population of this species has fallen by a whopping 70 percent.

He decided to research Ili Pikas in 2014 after learning that no one was interested in aiding these adorable creatures. Twenty individuals offered to assist with the endeavor.

Their main goal was to learn about animal variety and abundance.

That’s what they called this group.

The retired environmentalist paid for the inquiry using his own money. It was regrettable that the government showed little interest in the problem.

This species only has one more generation remaining. If nothing is done to safeguard and study these lovely species, future generations will only be able to view them in photos.

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