If a stray dog comes upon one, it will safeguard the cat’s life

Golden, a brave dog, is the story’s protagonist. In the process of saving a kitten, she became a «true mother.» It was brought to the attention of a local animal rescue group.

Once thought to be imprisoned, doctors concluded that she was here to guard the kitten after first thinking she was.

To her surprise, when she arrived to the scene, she discovered that there were really two dogs in need of rescue.

In no time at all, Michaela saw the kitten sipping on the milk from the dog. She was engrossed and astounded at the same time. Even though the dog was just a few feet away, it made no attempt to flee.

The dog and kitten were thoroughly examined by shelter staff, who also completed all necessary procedures. And yet, despite all of our nastiness, the dog continued to keep an eye on and tend to the kitten.

A kind family stepped in to take in this adorable duo. Her «foster family» is in excellent spirits, as well.

As a result of the dog’s kindness, the kitten is now on the mend. Also, a big thank you to all the people that assisted them out.

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