I saw why others were pointing at my dog on our stroll today

Minie and her mother, Pegy, decided to go for a walk, as they always do. Kern eventually realized that people were staring and pointing at them more often than they had anticipated.

When we last left Kern, he was listening to a book recording and perplexed about the unexpected popularity of such media. «I thought maybe something had smacked me in the face or eyes!»

It might have occurred at any point, but Minie wanted to ensure that her kid was always near by, so she made the decision to purchase the item.

When others walked by her, they couldn’t help but notice that she was sucking on what looked suspiciously like a pacifier for dogs.

Once they had agreed on a course of action regarding the secret, Kern and Minie resumed their stroll.

Because of this, Minie’s mother gave in and allowed her use the pacifier for a few seconds before the baby started kicking.

Kern rationalizes that, after she started chewing it and pulling off a piece, she had to remove it to prevent herself from swallowing it whole.

Minnie came up with a clever way to perk up her walk with Kern and bring a smile to the faces of everyone they passed.

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