Husband responded, «It’s either the dogs or me,» and she picked the dogs; he hasn’t been seen or heard from since

From the beginning, this woman’s life has been heavily influenced by her animal companions. The family had a pet food company when she was a child.

Because of this, when she got older, she realized that she needed to hear paws tapping on the floor in order to feel whole.But her hubby was not as enthusiastic.

It was a tough choice, but he finally said, «It’s either me or the dogs,» since he had finally had enough of living with so many dogs.

She didn’t even give it a second thought, of course. After 26 years of marriage, the woman’s spouse up and left.

Being confident in her ability to include canine care into her daily routine, she constructed a small shelter next to the home.She’s been instrumental in the rehoming of several animals.

The woman takes in dogs who have nowhere else to go, making sure they’re healthy and happy as they wait for their future home.

When you own a company that helps animals, you get to take tremendous pride in knowing that their lives are better because of it.

It’s clear that she has a lot of work ahead of her, but she’s not turning back now.

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