How old is the world’s oldest gorilla, and what is he getting for his birthday?

The most well-known character is Ozie. He lives at the Zoo and just celebrated his 61st birthday. The celebration of Ozzie’s 61st birthday was a memorable one.

Staff at the zoo presented him with a frozen dessert made out of a variety of edible plants. In addition, there is clearly a great deal of love.

The Atlanta Zoo assures that Ozzie is the most experienced male gorilla ever.

In three generations, it has over 20 relations. Some of these animals are also housed in the Atlanta Zoo, while others have been transferred to facilities recognized by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums as suitable for their care.

An elderly gorilla retirement facility was the cake Ozzy received. Ozzy is fortunate enough to be living in a «retirement house» designed specifically for gorilas in a state of resignation.

Ukrainians have a large variety of domesticated animals, including wolves and bears. The zoo in Kiev is home to a bear named Toni.

Tony is just shy of his 47th birthday. Because of gastrointestinal problems, Tony was bedridden throughout most of the cooler months of 2021.

Leafy meals is now feeling better, thanks to the testing and the prescribed therapy. It’s no surprise that Tony the gorilla is Ukraine’s most popular attraction at the Kiev Zoo.

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