How many dogs will get a much-needed vacation?

Retirement is an option for animals as well. Polish lawmakers are working on a measure that would provide welfare to both ponies and working dogs in government service.

In Poland, there are now 1,200 dogs in service, the majority of them are German and Belgian Shepherds. We also have around 60 horses to provide a hand.

Finding bombs, countertape, and narcotics is made easier with the help of canines.

With the help of a few police officers, ponies patrol the highways. It’s estimated that 10% of all animals retire each year.

When dogs or horses reach old age and can no longer care for themselves, they are either put down, sent to a sanctuary, or given to new owners.

Whenever an issue arises, such as joint pain, special diet requirements, etc., they need special care and the assistance of trained professionals.

New creatures’ watchmen will be able to help defray the expenditures associated with this role thanks to the advantages they get.

The document also formalizes a practice that has been common practice in the animal care community for some time: dog and pony owners have the option to accommodate non-aggressive pets.

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