How can Lino communicate his appreciation to the person who saved his life 10 years ago?

For a great length of time, this man’s morning begins with the companion of his dearest and her mum, whose life he rescued quite a while ago.

The lion was a couple of months old when this guy rescued his life, and currently their mornings commence with nestles.

They are together constantly following the incident, they learn to know one other. They are valid companions. The language of attachment is common for all.

The delegate of uncontrolled existence with humans is actually astounding. Valentin said the lion called Sirga is so sweet and affectionate that he likes to nestle.

During these 10 years he has not observed any enmity with his lion. Valentine led him to an extraordinary creature security concentration.

It was here that their connection began, they reinforced and grew deeply smitten. Creature and man have become closest mates.

Valentin believes that this lion is exceptional, one of the beasts he has encountered over his lengthy periods of labor.

The most unique quality of Nira is that she gets a thrill out of the opportunity to cuddle.

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