How a bulldog helped a screamer in need

Hades, a lovable Mexican pit dog, was the subject of conversation. For some time, according to the pit bull’s owner, a stray cat had been hanging around close to Juan’s residence.

Juan was able to cope with this cat and care for her on a consistent basis.

A commotion outside the front door sounded while Juan was alone at home. In the end, it became out that this dog, Hаdеs, was trying to become noticed by its owner.

In the end, the pit bull thought Juan should have a look at his speciality, as it turned out.

Hades, on the other hand, choose to aid a pregnant animal in the same way that he did.

In addition, the dog himself had taken up residence at the front door. When Hades came to inspect the castle, she brought with her a slew of adorable babies. He also felt like a «real parent» since the dog was so affectionate.

Juan continued to deal with the feline and cats after bringing them to the residence. Abbadon got along well with the cat and began spending a lot of time with her. I even began to sleep next to the cat and the cat…

As a result of Juan’s decision to keep the cat in his buton, many families attended the chatos.

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