Honeydew, a small dachshund, has shot to celebrity on the online because of her amazing likeness to a chocolate chip cookie

Beautiful canine Honeydew and his human lover wander about in California. She has the most gorgeous little eyes and the most amazing, unusual colour. To top it all off, she has the look of a chocolate chip cookie.

Heather, the dog’s owner, desired a pet for a long time but couldn’t determine what sort to have. Since she wanted a little and distinct friend, she settled on a dachshund.

Heather adopted a dog at two months old and took her home. The owner of the dog will be the centre of attention and queries from total strangers from that point forth.

Because Honeydew’s coloration is so uncommon, many interested spectators have inquired if it is, in reality, a cross. The girl constantly reassures them that the animal is a pure breed and that its colouring is just coincidental.

Despite its odd colouring, the puppy is just like any other canine. Honeydew, Jr., the young man, has a great time in life and has many friends.

She’s popular at home and gets along nicely with the other pets.She’s a social hound that gets along well with both people and other canines. in addition to the young woman’s observation.

You guessed properly; Heather has a Honeydew Instagram account with 295,000 followers.

The number of people who are passionate about the newcomer has exploded. Honeydew, who is now 1.5 years old, is as adorable as ever.

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