Her mother prevented her daughter from getting a hamster. It was then that she made a choice

There are several ways for children to avoid doing something they could do without. However, if they genuinely need something, they will be victorious.

Suse, Laura Karnes’ 16-year-old daughter, had been asking her mum for a hamster all summer long, but her mother continued refusing her request.

The young girl, hearing yet another «No,» organized a search effort to find the elusive «Yes.»

A few weeks after the month of August ended, Laura returned home to see that her house had been invaded by posters depicting numerous hamsters with captions like «Look how amazing I am» and «Buy a hamster in Susie.

It was impossible to go anywhere without running into a picture. They were hidden everywhere from the ceiling to the floor. Suze even attached the picture on the lid of the latrine.

Mother in the background sobs, «I had just gone for two hours,» she cries. That was a surprise to Laura.

During a trip to the pet shop, Suzy picked up a new friend in the form of Snow. She’s happier than she’s ever been.

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