He can’t help but grin as he gazes at his baby’s wide-open eyes, surrounded by dogs

Poodle mix Leo, who is six months old, loves to play with other dogs. Mother Jessie’s Instagram account is reported to have 700,000 followers who are passionate about animals and children.

Charles and Sheea, Jessie’s one-year-old golden doodles, are like her own children. His favorite childhood toy was a toy dog, and he still likes playing with them.

Jessie anticipates Leo awarding the dogs with snacks in the near future. It’s been a delight to see Leo’s interest in them increase over the past month.

Others made fun of Leo, suggesting he’d believe he was a dog after seeing the images!

Along with his beautiful appearance, he emanates confidence and a captivating sense of humor.

According to her mother, dogs may have influenced her daughter’s behavior.

I intended to loosen some of the constraints on this account by posting images of his family’s everyday activities, particularly the delightful lives of close friends.

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