Having a wobbly puppy as his best friend is the greatest joy of his life

Social media users have reportedly called this dog’s owner «Mike Ross.»

Fila, a boxer/malamute mix who is two years old, received this year’s award thanks to his owner’s regular Instagram posts documenting Fila’s activities.

His puppy antics and inability to keep his feet on the ground are common subjects of humorous tales about Fila, her clumsy, mischievous dog.It’s typically amusing to observe a snake for the first time.

He sat down on the snake instead of yelping or escaping. When I saw him sitting on a snake for the first time, it surprised me.

Instantly, after seeing this, I quickly adjusted the camera and stopped taking pictures altogether. Mike went on to explain.

No matter how much fun she had with Fila in the short time they were together, her normal life is completely different from what she has witnessed.

No matter how difficult things become with his new pet, Mike will always adore it and take great satisfaction in the knowledge that his pet has brought so much happiness to others.

When you’re able to entertain so many people, that makes me pleased. Mike gushed, «This is great.» if you have any suggestions, please let me know! What a scrumptious doggie!

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