Have you ever witnessed a dog or a cat take in a new friend?

But Tang and Cream had other intentions for Zach to modify the way he thought about his family’s demise, and he wasn’t aware of it.

The canines were out on a stroll recently when they heard a little animal’s cries for aid.

Even though Zach had no idea where the commotion was coming from, his dogs managed to find a method to sniff out a kitten around a month old who was lying in the street.

Zach recognized he couldn’t leave the cat there, so he brought her back to his house at the behest of one of his dogs.

His lover and he worked together to find a comfortable place for him to relax and then took care of him with a shower and some food when he got home.

Cream, on the other hand, is a one-of-a-kind character since she behaves more like a mother and always has to be protected.

The adjustment to having a kitten in the house hasn’t been easy, but Tou Jang’s new parents are overjoyed because of the love and joy she brings them.

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