Girl reveals herself without her makeup, but no one believes her since she looks very different

There is widespread disbelief that the girl in question is even the same person when she appeared in public without her trademark face paint.

Jordana Line is a young woman who keeps a blog on the video-sharing platform TikTok, in which she demonstrates her exceptional makeup abilities and the many different looks she can get.

She hopes to show viewers that cosmetics is an effective means of self-expression and self-transformation via her films.

A single sweep of the makeup brush and you’ll be completely unrecognizable. The youthful blogger already has over 500,000 dedicated readers. Jordana often shares shocking new videos with her audience.

Even though it seems like a group of people is photographing the girl, she is really working alone. Line employs a wide variety of techniques to create this stunning effect.

These items are used to set the stage for the application of cosmetics, both basic and ornamental.

Many viewers like the blogger’s videos because of the magic tricks he or she does. In reality, though, many of these looks just aren’t practical because of the time and effort involved in making them.

In advertising, the blogger does not try to conceal her identity. However, there are those who look down on her due of her physical imperfections.

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