Funny as cats may purr, this is a son-cat story

My youngster had a visit from his classmates. Having a business conversation in the next room. My son tells one of the boys, «I’m telling you, you haven’t passed my exam yet.

Believe in me; I can’t do this without you. What happens next depends on how you do on the exam.

Everyone is wondering what it was. I went up to valerka after the lads had departed and asked for the report. Disc used to play video games.

When records were destroyed, I yelled at my child because he didn’t seem to care. Now that he’s expecting, he’s having his friends check his stuff for lice before giving it out. Nice!

The family cat has «distinguished» itself once again. I left a phone receipt on the changing table in the hallway and then headed to work. When I got home, I was expecting to see a receipt, but instead I saw a crumpled, wet, goopy mass.

I knew our cat had a nasty habit of licking magazine covers, and the old woman sometimes had a hole (especially delicate ones).

You’re just in time, since up until recently he didn’t consume phone bills. His Talblesse was likely passed down to him from Zosya’s mom.

I’m sure that if you forget about «Football,» you’ll end up writing «lost.» Oftentimes, the magazine would be licked completely dry, cover and everything.

It’s best if they’re complete animal strangers. I’m going to avoid it! During the prerecorded phone message, I would generally reload the document.

I’m going to be really careful from here on out!

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