Foxes in need of a new home are pleased to learn that a present has been provided just for them

As the temperature dropped and the leaves began to turn orange, the foxes at Wildlife Sanctuary looked more enthused than ever.

The foxes were soon amused by the falling leaves that had been donated to the refuge.

«Every year the foxes look forward to the leaves falling.» They like exploring the yard, looking for food, and playing in the leaves. It’s a simple yet useful addition.

Husband, being a very astute fox, enjoyed himself tremendously by utilizing a wheel as a hoop, which pushed him farther into the leaf pile.

While most humans may see fall leaves as a merely decorative element, rescued foxes see them as an opportunity for some fresh and thrilling romps.

The shelter worker said, «They probably appreciate them since it’s a variation from the ordinary and provides them something new to connect with.»

Giving back to the community by collecting leaves for the shelter was a simple task for the area’s schools.

Youngsters had a blast selecting the most suitable leaves for the foxes’ gifts. Everybody here is thrilled when they see the foxes enjoying a good time.

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