For the seventh time, the dog snatches his favorite toy from the shelves of a store

When the pitbull tried to snatch a toy from a retailer numerous times, it all started. Immediately after taking the dog’s. toy, the owners drove him away.

The pit bull, on the other hand, was a stickler. He went back to work in this field on a regular basis. And he had no interest in anything else.

There are no other toys like this gigantic purple unicorn. The company’s proprietors

finally called the zoo after understanding that this was going to continue.

In order to entice the obstinate dog to come along for the ride, an officer decided to purchase him this purple toy when its representatives came. As soon as he saw the toy he was looking for, he happily followed the officers.

There was a pit bull surrendered to a shelter. Once it got its hands on its favorite unicorn, the pet wouldn’t let go. When it comes to snoozing or playing, it’s his best friend.

Overall, he goes out of his way to show how much he cares about his stuffed friend.

Sisu’s fascination with a toy is understandable given that he is still a puppy. However, why does the pit bull find this unicorn so enthralling?

There’s a perfectly good reason for this. The occupants of the refuge the dog is likely to have had a comparable toy when he was younger.

He or she had clearly been living in a family home before being dumped on the street.

Admirers spread his story throughout the internet. Because of the success of his narrative, he and his favorite toy were given up for adoption. With their new place to call home, they’re settling in.

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