For the past twelve years, the seagull has made regular trips back to the same man who saved his life

John Smith, an 80-year-old Brit, helped a gull. Ever since its rescue, the bird has made a daily trip back to the coast to check in with its hero.

John comes here every day to hang out with his bird companion and take in the fresh ocean air. While he relaxes on the sand, a seagull flies or lands nearby.

Dorian never takes any other flights but to John. Given this evidence, we may safely assume that John and Dorian are of the same age.

When I first came across Dorian, he was in desperate need of assistance. I was at a loss for action.

The next day, I returned to the beach and there he was. As usual, the man brought his dog’s regular supply of seagull dog biscuits.

As John came back to the coast every day to feed Dorian, the young man’s faith in him increased.

Only between us did such a bond exist; from that point on, he stopped thinking of others in the same manner.

He improved and departed in the early spring, but he came back in September of that year to show me that he hadn’t forgotten about me. For the past 12 years, John and Dorian have seen each other virtually every day.

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