For some reason, Niko enjoys carrying things about in his mouth, which is why he usually brings his beloved loaf of bread with him on his strolls

As a result, he has a strong sense of security and worth, regardless of whether it’s a toy or a need for his mother.

While walking every day, Niko is now toting a bag with him.

Rudman had just returned from Target with his whole collection, which included a loaf of bread.

As soon as she asked whether he wanted to go for a walk, he walked into the kitchen and came out with a slice of bread in his hand in his hand in his hand.

Niko has seen a number of hilarious things on his excursions, but this one is particularly noteworthy.

A grin could be seen on the faces of everyone who watched him running about with a piece of bread hanging from his mouth.

As a result, Niko has taken to going on walks armed with bagels, rice cakes, and other prepared munchies.

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