For some inexplicable reason, a wombat awaits the rescuer’s arrival each morning at his feet

You’ll never find Diana alone. She has a constant friend in the form of a little critter.Issyl is the name she goes by as a rescue dog.

To help wombats that are unable to survive on their own, Diana set up a sanctuary.

The animal lover found Issyl around three months ago. Climate change has made it exceedingly difficult for many species, including them, to flourish in recent years.

In little time at all, Diana came to understand that the small wombat needed her help.

At the sanctuary, Issyl felt secure and attached to Diana, so Diana devised a strategy to accommodate her desire to accompany her everywhere she went.

Every morning, Issyl sits calmly at Diana’s feet, patiently waiting for their stroll to begin.

Wombats are notoriously wary of people, but when Diana showed up at the refuge, Issyl was relaxed and prepared to accept her help.

Probably because of how warm and cuddly the carrier is for her mother, Issyl loves the carrier as much as we do.

As long as she lives at the sanctuary, the little wombat will never have to worry about being on her own again.

The fact that she now has a place to call home and a cozy carrier has made her very happy.

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