For example, what kind of spider is this and what is the purpose of the hole in the spider’s body?

From a few months to a few years, spiders may be found in the southern regions of their natural habitat. Spiders may be kept as pets in jail, at future levels of incarceration, and even by some inmates themselves.

The evidence is clear that these newbies are not all that different from one other. Until this, the longest-living insects were Mexican red-charged tarantulas, whose females could live up to 25 years.

A new record was achieved recently when Australian researchers discovered the existence of a Giaus Villosus bug, which lived for 43 years.

Medium-sized and robust in constitution, the Giaus Villosus is a unique Australian bug. Its powerful legs, which are used for digging, are just 5 cm long.

It’s odd that bugs use spherical hatches to get into their hiding places from networks and rubbish (twigs, leafs, etc.).

As the beetle waits for its victim in a tunnel behind a «closed entrance,» it sprints inside and shuts the door in the case of an attack.

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