Find out what sort of person you are by picking a tree based on its hue

In this lesson, you will learn about the meanings behind various hues. You may learn a lot about who you are by taking this fascinating test and learning about the dreams you’ve been keeping secret. ¡Entonces! Simply look at the picture and choose the tree that appeals to you.

1. Oak

You are an upbeat person who sees the bright side of even the worst circumstances. You see life as a game, a thrilling experience full of unexpected twists and turns.

2. Larch

Your unique character probably stems from your strong sense of autonomy. There are no boundaries that can stand between you and your objective.

3. Maple

You have a high level of empathy and perceptiveness, and you probably prefer introspective activities.

4. Alder

You have a steady demeanor, an excellent grasp of reality, and a solid reputation for dependability. Like a brick wall with you!

5. Myrtle

You are a driven and accountable individual with a high sense of personal ambition and self-confidence. You want to be in charge of everything!


You’re one of the people for whom regular retirement is crucial.
If you’re like other people, taking time off to relax and recharge is crucial.

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