Fate definitely had a hand in putting the hairless puppy in the right hands at the right time

Quite a few people will recognize this man’s dogs. Five are now in the man’s custody.

Even if you don’t go out and see the guy strolling with a huge number of pets, you can still keep an eye on them via the holes the owner carefully cut in the fence.

When the owner saw his dogs sticking their heads under the fence to spy on the action on the street below, he decided to cut some holes in the gate.

Apparently, the man’s canine companions are naturally curious.

He ignored the dogs’ need to keep an eye on the neighbors, and four «observation posts» quickly appeared in the fence.

One dog, which seldom runs with the pack and is oblivious to outside sounds, was left behind.

In the event of a stranger’s appearance on the sidewalk, four noses would immediately align.

Photos of inquisitive noses often appear on the network, leading the guy to conclude that the inhabitants of the community loved the gate idea. An appearance by all four canine companions is rather unique.

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