Fascinating information on the lifestyles of the world’s top animals

The legend’s brain weighs in at approximately 600 g, which already speaks to its highly developed cognitive abilities.

Since even cheetahs would do all it takes to avoid being frightened by a larger adversary, gorillas are without peer in terms of brute force

1.Men are trustworthy confidants but women are quarrelsome gorillas who always seem to congregate in groups of around twenty to thirty.

2) Make the bed. Gorillas are the only animals that «sleep» in different places more often than they do.

Each new gorilla always has a new bed to offer. Primate societies are very efficient in tidying up after themselves, with members taking care to return used bedding to its proper location.

The first movers show is spectacular, which is why they are the pioneers.

The pioneer walks with a light hoofbeat to signal the beginning of the ritual. Then he stays in that position, stretching out over his full level, and moves forward toward the noises he was making all along.

Coincidentally, the shoulders are jumped. The first explorer will begin pounding his chest with his legs, then straighten up and sprint magnificently through the bushes.

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