Every night, Rescue Dog looks forward to her father putting her to bed

A good night’s rest has never come easily for a dog named Bailey.

The rescue puppy has been sleeping peacefully since her father, Mac Clenney, was dismissed for enveloping her up like a burrito during their lovely slumber time.

Clenney recalls that Bailey was «much more pleasant and peaceful» when she was draped in a blanket while they cuddled on the couch.

There was no instant connection between Bailey and her father, despite this.

As soon as Clenney moved into the living room, «she’d hop off her back and flee,» Clenney said. When it came to advancing approaching her, it took her six or more months to get comfortable with me.»

Even though Bailey was the one who kept her family safe, the dog set an important example for the rest of the family.

In order to get through to her and convey a gentler reality to her, Clenney said, it required «extended periods of patience and compassion.»

Her current outings include parks, shopping and visiting breweries. She’s evolving into the greatest version of herself she can be.»

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