Every morning, the savior is greeted by the sight of a wombat dozing at his or her feet

It seems like Diana is never alone. She is never alone; a little friend is constantly there. Issyl, as she is fondly known, is a rescued animal. For the wombats who just couldn’t make it on their own, Diana constructed a safe haven.

The animal advocate had not seen Issyl for three months. They’re only one of several species that’s had it especially rough as of late owing to climate change.

Almost quickly, Diana realized that she had to save the little wombat.

At the sanctuary, Issyl felt a deep connection to Diana and was eager to follow her about. Since then, she’s been working on an approach.

Now that they have started their daily stroll routine, Issyl waits patiently at Diana’s feet every day.

Issyl observed that Diana, who typically wouldn’t have been accepted by the wombats at the sanctuary, had a calming effect on the animals and made them ready to accept their care.

Issyl probably finds comfort in the carrier since it makes her think of how her mother felt.

This little wombat has been living safely in the enclosure for some time now. She’s relieved to have finally found a place she can call «home» permanently.

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