Even though it lives in peace with lions, the Argentine dog is illegal in 10 nations

In a lot of nations, you can’t own a dog of this breed. An important dog who doesn’t cower at the sight of lions. Their original home in Argentina.

The dog has a height of 70 centimeters and a life expectancy of up to 17 years. It was in high demand since wild animals may easily make their way to farms if they weren’t kept at bay.

And when going up against a lion, weight classes mean nothing.

There were often many breeds used in the reproductive process, thus breeders had to make sure the beneficial traits were passed on.

The objective was to develop exceptional hunting skills without losing the ability to regulate one’s fury.

The job is done from start to finish. The dog is a guardian and defender by trade, but he is also surprisingly amiable.

A gorgeous and refined look belies a challenging training process. In order to successfully socialize a dog, you must devote both time and energy.

Because they are not very demanding in terms of care, Argentines are comfortable with rather basic living circumstances. A private home with a large courtyard would be ideal for them.

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