Even after twenty years have gone, many still mistake Baby for a young girl because of her unusual birth deformity

Right today, Michelle Kish is a fully grown adult lady. Her Hallermann-Streiff syndrome is a birth defect. Another indication of this disease is disfigurement.

The girl’s mother claims that the pregnancy was uneventful. The pathology was diagnosed after birth, thus there were no complications.

Her heart, lungs, and bones are all giving her trouble now. In spite of all of this, the girl continued her education at the regular school, but she did so while accompanied by a trained nurse at all times.

Michelle has an iron will and is a highly upbeat person. She aspires to become a doctor and is now enrolled in college.

More than that, she is a talented designer with a strong imaginative spirit.

Her intelligence and confidence in herself were often praised by her educators. This helps her much in her daily life.

Michelle is not self-conscious about her looks. And when questioned about her biggest gripe, she said that not being able to ride rides due to height limits was the worst.

Of course, this is hardly the most vital aspect of living. Indeed, Michelle has won the affection and support of many people due to her robust and optimistic personality.

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