Due to financial constraints, the father made a bag for his kid

The contents of one of his students’ bags were placed on display after a teacher in Cambodia made the decision to do so.

This was something the father made by hand for his kid.

But he didn’t do it because he had a passion for arts and crafts; he did it because he needed the money to buy this thing.

As it turns out, there are parents out there who would do everything to ensure their child has a bright future.

They work hard, support their kids’ ambitions, and usually get them enrolled in certain courses.

According to the kid’s mom, a simple backpack costs around $7 USD where they live.

Obviously, there are also parents out there looking to get one of these backpacks.Unfortunately, his father is a farmer, hence he lacks the financial means to build up such a portfolio.

He still insisted that his kid have his own school bag, so he sewed one together.

Everyone respected the father for his abilities and his desire to give his kid the finest start in life.

The instructor commended the dad for his thoughtful gift to his kid. Then enough individuals decided to help the family.

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