Dogs have been sleeping on concrete floors for the last eight years, but now they have the most luxurious bedding available

Pitbull slept on the concrete floor of a garage for eight years. Veterinary care and attention were not given to her.

When the rescue team finally succeeded in rescuing Lily from the clutches of her owner, Lily was overjoyed.

Lily was a sweetheart who welcomed the rescuers by waving her tail in excitement.

The first priority of the crew was to get Lily to a veterinary facility so that she could undergo necessary medical operations.

Charlotte, a Manhattan resident, adopted Lily after she spent many months in foster care. It only took Lily a few days to get used to her new surroundings after being with mom for seven weeks.

To put it another way, «she found out where all the beds in the home were» was how the hostess put it.

Every time Lily sits down on a couch or a bed, she gets a new sense of peace. On one occasion, Lily was seen napping on two sunbeds at once.

She’s becoming more outgoing and kind by the day, and she owes her owner a debt of gratitude that will last forever.

Those who cared for Lily have given her a wonderful existence.

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