Dog tries to tell her mother that she’s going to give birth

The dog Cindy has always been mellow and kind. The calm demeanor of the 2-year-old smart retriever makes her mother’s life easier while she deals with PTSD.

Regularly, Cindy made sure to keep an eye on her mother, and once Noem became pregnant, Cindy became even more watchful.

However, there was one time in the last month when Cindy’s usual pattern of behavior changed dramatically. This normally calm dog seemed agitated, as if she were trying to convey some kind of message to her mother.

Noem understood that Cindy was relieving the stress of an upcoming exam by taking it on that particular day.The certainty was such that Noem began labor during her last exam of the year.

That that night, I became the proud parent of a great little kid. Cindy saw something was wrong before I did.

With her mother safe and sound home, Cindy was relieved beyond measure and went back to her usual subdued demeanor.

Cindy’s connection with her mother has always been exceptional, but now that she has a younger brother, their closeness has only grown.

Noem has a hard time holding back her emotions as she watches Cindy and her baby grow up.

She is relieved to know that her kid will always have someone watching out for him.

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