Dog is infatuated with new ducklings and treats them as if they are her own’s

Neppy, the German Shepherd, is a local celebrity. She just enjoys little creatures in general.She enjoys children and spends a lot of time with chicks, kittens, and ducks from her family’s farm.

Neppy was happy since her family had lately gotten a big number of ducklings.

Sweet Neppy is mesmerized in these photographs as she watches ducklings frolic in a puddle.

It’s as if she’s under some type of spell, as she continues staring at the ducklings with serious curiosity!

Neppy is overtaken with emotion to the point that she lies on the ground and starts to examine the ducklings with admiration.

She gives the appearance of being moved by possibly being lost in another world as she ignores the unpleasantness of the moist ground and continues with her intriguing dances.

It’s usual to see dogs acting crazily around creatures they admire, but Neppy’s calm and compassionate attitude is something altogether different.

She treasuresall of the small critters of daily life! She has a delicate and sensitive spirit, which makes her a very compassionate and gentle dog to be around.

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